You Can’t Give Up on Your Book: Summary of Scrappy Rough Draft by Donna Barker

Awhile ago I reviewed Scrappy Rough Draft by Donna Barker. I thought you might like a rundown of the different chapters–there are so many–and you only need to pick the ones that will help you finish your first draft.

Hold your breath… here we go.

Read chapter 1 if you feel you need to write a perfect first draft and the idea of a shitty rough draft makes you feel bad about yourself as a writer.
Read chapter 2 if you think you write a book once and it should be ready for publishing.
Read chapter 3 if you don’t have regular writing habits and think that might be standing in your way.
Reach chapter 4 if you have every said to yourself, I’m not really a writer.
Read chapter 5 if you have used affirmations and want to come up with some good ones as a writer.
Read chapter 6 if you have ever said to yourself, I have no time to write.
Read chapter 7 if you let interruptions, including other people’s needs, impede your writing. One of my favorites.
Reach chapter 8 if you would like to find time throughout your day to work on your book, which doesn’t necessarily mean putting words on paper.
Read chapter 9 if you don’t identify as an author but want to.
Read chapter 10 if you have an inner critic who goes on rampages.
Read chapter 11 if you read chapter 10 and want to get some good arguments against your inner critic next time she rears her negative self.
Read chapter 12 if you want to expand your thinking past, “I can’t. That’s not me. I don’t how to…”
Read chapter 13 if you sit at your desk waiting for inspiration or feel you are losing your passion for writing.
Read Chapter 14 if you set SMART goals or any goals and don’t meet them.
Read chapter 15 if you have started your book and feel like giving up and need a fresh start.
Read chapter 16 if you don’t even know where to start.
Read chapter 17 if you think you have to get the beginning right to keep writing or if you still don’t know where to start.
Read chapter 18 if you have multiple book projects that vie for your attention and then you don’t do any of them.
Read chapter 19 if you are a masochist who needs to be punished if you don’t meet your goal.
Read chapter 20 if you struggle with writer’s block.
Read chapter 21 if you only see big wins as worth mentioning in passing and rarely celebrate your achievements. Another favorite of mine.
Read chapter 22 if you’ve read the other chapters and are ready to read the ending.There you have it, the summary of contents of Scrappy Rough Draft. Did something stand out to you? Grab the book. Read that chapter.

Yes! Grab your copy using one of the links below.

Let me know what you thought of the book in the comments!

– Keep writing

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