Are You Ready to Become a Leader in the Podcasting Industry?

Building community is the number one requested topic from the Women in Podcasting Community.

We are publishing a book on that topic, and you are invited to contribute.

Women in Podcasting is a vibrant community of women who are leading the way in the podcasting industry. By joining our collaborative book project, you’ll have the opportunity to become a leader within this community while sharing your insights on community building, building your authority platform, and gaining valuable publishing experience.


The Women in Podcasting Collaborative Book Opportunity is a chance for you to
  • Become an author: Add ‘author’ to your resume and podcasting profile. Be seen as an expert in the world of podcasting.
  • Showcase your podcast and expertise: Showcase your podcast and share your ideas with a wider audience.
  • Gain new listeners and followers: Lean into the opportunity to build your following on your podcast, email, and social media.
  • Build authority: Being a published author in the podcasting industry can help you build authority and credibility in your field, leading to new opportunities such as speaking engagements or sponsorships.
  • Provide added value to your listeners: By sharing insights on podcasting and community building, you can provide added value to your listeners.
  • Build your community: The Women in Podcasting Collaborative Book Opportunity provides a chance for you to connect with other like-minded podcasters and build a supportive community.
  • Gain Publishing experience: Work with professionals in the publishing industry to learn what it takes to publish your own book.

As a contributing author you will receive

Support for Your Chapter


To help you write a stellar chapter, we offer 2 workshops.

  • Crafting Compelling Nonfiction Stories: Storytelling Techniques for Authors
  • Stand Out from the Crowd: Tips for Writing a Collaborative Book Chapter that Shines

Plus, we work with each author individually on the editing process for their chapter. Your chapter will have a specific focus that aligns with you and your goals. Your chapter will go through a full set of edits including developmental, copy editing, and proofreading. The result is a high-quality book that meets professional standards

Professional Design

We create a professional cover design and interior for the book. The cover of a book is the first impression, and we make sure it’s a good one. We ensure the title and subtitle are optimized. We take care of all the design, marketing copy, and book packaging to ensure it will stand out in the marketplace.

Book Distribution

We ensure that stores can order the book for readers and that major retailers can stock the book, whether that’s Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or another bookstore. We want our book to reach as many people as possible. We are women working toward raising our voices to be heard.

Book Promotion

We will promote the book to 20,000+ people through our collaborative book marketing efforts, including an appearance on the Women in Podcasting show. We provide the social media posts and swipe copy for your email and social media promotions. Plus, we offer three book promotion workshops.

  • Building a Strong Community: Strategies for Fostering Connections Around Your Book
  • From Page to Stage: Leveraging Your Book to Land Speaking Opportunities
  • Amplifying Your Voice: Using Your Book to Enhance Your Podcast

*Every author must participate in collaborative book marketing efforts.


We want to support your success with this collaboration. But not just for this one book, we want to give you tools to build your podcast, your business, and enjoy life more. For joining us, you will also receive the following.

  • One year of Women in Podcasting
  • One year of Elevating You Club
  • One year of Path to Publishing Membership

As a contributing author you will

  • Write 2000 words for your chapter.

  • Submit a 100-word bio.

  • Submit a headshot for book promotion.

  • Agree to work with the editor and publisher to ensure a high-quality product.

  • Take part in all collaborative marketing efforts.

Your Investment: $1997.00
Deadline: May 15th
Book Launch: Fall 2023

Join us for the kick off party with Jennifer Henczel and Melody Ann Owen


(And of course we will have an epic book launch party later in the fall!)