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What to do after a podcast interview | Make your author interview last forever

This is the fourth post in the series on being the best podcast guest. If you’d like to read the entire series, here are the links in order:

After the Show

In this post, I am going to talk about what to do after the show! Keep the success flowing like a river.

The biggest mistake I see guests making is doing the podcast and then thinking that is it. They are done. Doing the podcast is the beginning. It opens doors for ongoing content opportunities and promotion.

Your Post Show To-Do List

  • Say thank you, during and after the podcast. As a host, I always send a thank you email after the recording. Guests can to the same thing.
  • Promote the interview after it happens, letting your followers know any highlights to pay attention to as they listen to the replay. This is a collaboration and working together like this shows your professionalism.
  • Add it to your website. Add it to your email signature. Add it to your media kit. Add it wherever it makes sense. Show it off.
  • If you can have a copy of it and can edit it, take the best bits and make short videos or audios so you can keep promoting your appearance.
  • Promote it again. And again. You can promote it every once in a while, on your social media, highlighting different portions or ideas discussed. This podcast can keep helping you grow long after it is over.

Amplify Your Ideas

Podcasts are one way you can amplify your ideas. Do one podcast and let it support you long term.

Author Nation has a podcast kit for authors, that includes a guide, templates for emails, and a podcast tracker. Join to access that and all of our resources. 

Or if you’d like a checklist to help you with many more promotion ideas, download the Author Nation Promotion Checklist.

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