What is a book club kit? And why you need a book club kit

Do you love people? Would you like to connect with your readers? Book club kits are a fun and engaging way to market your book to groups of people.

Why Create a Book Club Kit?

Book Club Kits offer an author’s touch to a group discussion, one that could be happening a continent away. Plus, it is easy to make and add to your website. The easiest thing to do though is to create a downloadable PDF. The book club leader can download it and use it to create a fun discussion.

If you want, you can mail out a book club kit and include fun things, even bookmarks can be fun swag to receive.

book club kits are a great way to engage readers

Book Club Kit Basics

What should be in a book club kit? Here are the basic elements of any book club kit:

  • An image of the book
  • Images of you
  • Your bio
  • Book reviews
  • Discussion questions for the group
  • Author Q & A

Match the Kit to Your Theme

What is your book’s themes? Is there something in your book that you can share like images, recipes, or how-tos? Have fun with it and book clubs will have fun with your book too.

Making Your Book Club Kit Special

Here are some extras that can make your book club kit more engaging:

  • Fun facts about you. For example, you could add the game ‘Two truths and a lie.’ Give them three facts and have members guess which ones are true and which one is a lie. Put an answer key in the back, of course.
  • Extra stories or other bonuses. This is a great place to put some content that was removed while you were revising your book.
  • A video address to the group, just for them. You could speak with the book club leader and do a fun video addressing the members, and even answer some of their questions.
  • Books similar to yours for them to read next. Always think about ways you can cross promote with other authors who write similar books.
  • An offer to Zoom with the group, if you like people! They can ask you questions live and you can see people enjoying and interacting with your book.
  • Anything else that is relevant and fun or interesting for the book club.
Your only limit is your imagination.

Gathering Emails for Your List

You can offer book kit upgrades to readers willing to sign up for your email list. To get a video, or a Zoom meet and greet, or to get the kit mailed out – you choose –  readers can sign up to your email list. I’d make the basic download free and easy to access with no email required to lower the barrier to people buying your book in bulk. But for upgrades, ask for an email to help build your email list.

Start with a Template

At Author Nation, we offer a template that you can edit to make your own. Change the colors and fonts,  and add your own content.

The template also has book club questions to spark discussion. Use those and add your own. Everything you need is yours as a member of Author Nation.  Or you can grab just what you need in the Author Nation store.

Are you ready to engage with book clubs? Comment below.

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