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Today we chat with Becky Norwood; author, speaker and book publishing expert. She is the CEO of spotlight publishing and she’s widely recognized for empowering authors intuitively. She incorporates her writing methods with sound marketing, as that is the pathway for audience growth.

Becky’s story

My first book that I published was before I ever knew I was going to be a publisher. Speaker 3: My story was called The Women I Love. And my past as a child was incredible abuse from my father. As I got older, I used to the story because as I went into adulthood, I had to learn a new way. I had to learn to stop attracting the things that I was used to from my childhood and fight and really reach and heal and do all the things that are so important to do when you’ve had your trauma in the past. And there’s not one of us that doesn’t have some sort of trauma that comes our way. Not one of us. It is what we do with it.

Becky’s four pillars of storytelling

Advocacy, Unifiers, Truth Telling, Way show-er

Authors as advocates

With advocacy, when we were talking about advocacy as an author, we first advocate for ourselves. At the first writing of the story, you become your own advocate, looking back at your story in a new way. We are revisiting it and retelling, becoming a self advocate. And when you’ve gone through that process and you’ve healed, you can then think about publishing that book as an advocate for other people, who have similar stories to yours and who could benefit from knowing they’re not alone or looking at how you dealt with your story so that they can come up with some new skills for themselves, or, learn something about themselves through your story. By publishing, it can take the fire and the steam away from it. And it can set the author free. 

Authors as unifiers 

Unifying means to bring people together to share experiences. Not just those who’ve had the same experience, but people who love people who have had those experiences, like the men who now understand their mothers and their wives, to bring those people together, to unify them in a community, to validate their experiences, to give them a place to speak about their experiences, to give them a safe place to learn about moving forward. Together, as we become resources for one another, we grow and expand.  You can make a big difference in this world by being a unifier; this allows you to serve in a way that helps fill that empty space without even touching, just the warmth of the connection.

Saying the truth shall set you free. 

Authors as legacy makers

A book is a legacy for your family or your community. You leave that, that footprint a footprint, that it is eternal of somebody who stood for something that was important for others to hear. And what better thing to know that you left something that somebody else could benefit from. 

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