Whether you are in the planning stages or ready to promote your book, Author Nation has videos and resources to help you succeed as a nonfiction author. The resources below are linked to the videos on the channel so explore both to get the best value.

Book Review and Blog Tour Resources

Getting book reviews, authentic book reviews, can feel overwhelming and impossible. It takes time, persistence and tenacity. Here is a resource kit to get you started.

The Planning Checklist

Some of us are planners and others fly by the seat of our pants. Here is a checklist for authors who want to plan out their book before or even while they write.

The Producing (Writing) Checklist

Once the planning is done and even if it is not, time to write. Producing a book is a big production. This checklist will give you an idea of the things you need to consider as you go.

Publication Checklist

When ready, your book can be published and make its debut! Publishing comes with many choices and tasks that can be mysterious to novice and expert authors alike.

Storytelling for nonfiction authors

This short eBook explains the basics of storytelling so that you can infuse your book with stories to help your readers remember the facts by appealing to their emotional base.

Reader persona workbook

This workbook will help you develop a reader persona to help you plan, write and promote your book. When you have a reader in mind, it makes the entire process easier and, in the end, more successful.

The Promoting Checklist

An author’s work is never done. Once your book is published, time to connect with readers. This checklist will help you navigate the world of book promotion, one book at a time.

Filling in the Gap

Start planning your nonfiction book by filling in the gaps from where your ideal reader is to where she want to be.