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Resiliency Talks and Author Nation Collaborative Book Project: 

Stories of Resilence and Recovery

Are you ready to be part of a transformative journey that combines the power of storytelling with the immense potential of collaboration?


Welcome to the Resiliency Talks and Author Nation Collaborative Book Project!


We all have stories to tell—stories of resilience, growth, and overcoming life’s challenges. And we understand the impact that sharing these stories can have on others. That’s why we are excited to bring together a diverse group of authors for this exceptional project.


We are seeking individuals who have experienced addiction and/or trauma and recovery and are willing to share their personal narratives of triumph, hope, and healing.

Collaborative Books: Where Voices Unite

Collaborative books have captured the hearts of readers worldwide, and it’s no wonder why. We, as human beings, are drawn to stories. Stories connect us, inspire us, and give us hope.


Stories have the power to transform lives.


In this collaborative book project, we aim to unite individual voices under the common theme of addiction, trauma, and recovery. Each author will contribute one powerful chapter, and together, we will create a cohesive and impactful book that resonates with readers on a profound level.

The Benefits of Being a Contributing Author

As a contributing author, you have the opportunity to embark on a journey of personal and professional growth. We want you to thrive not only during the project but long after it’s completed. Here are some of the benefits awaiting you:

Visibility, Credibility, and Influence

Your story will reach a broader audience, increasing your visibility and establishing your credibility as an authority on addiction and recovery.

Become a Published Author

This collaborative book will finally enable you to proudly declare yourself as a published author, a testament to your courage and resilience.

Learn and Grow

Participate in storytelling masterclasses and gain valuable insights into writing and marketing, empowering you to continue your personal and professional growth

All Contributing Authors Receive Exclusive Benefits

  1. One Chapter in the Book: Your inspiring story of addiction and recovery will be featured in the book, touching the lives of readers worldwide.
  2. Bio Inclusion: Your bio will be prominently featured alongside your chapter, showcasing your expertise and accomplishments.
  3. Editorial Support: Your chapter and bio will undergo professional editing to ensure the highest quality.
  4. Storytelling and Book Marketing Masterclasses: Empower yourself with our exclusive masterclasses, designed to help you write your story and maximize the impact of being an author.
  5. Author Community: Join an exclusive community of fellow contributing authors to collaborate, support each other, and share ideas.
  6. Custom Cover Design and Book Layout: Your chapter will be presented in a beautifully designed book, professionally formatted for both print and online distribution.
  7. Global Distribution: Reach readers across the globe with our online distribution channels.
  8. Discounts on Author Nation Membership and Services: Benefit from special discounts on Author Nation membership and various writing, editing, and publishing services for your personal book projects.
  9. Book Promotion and Exposure: Gain exposure through Author Nation and our partners, expanding your reach even further.


Access to Author Nation Resources: One year membership to the Wayfinder Membership in Author Nation and access to their exclusive Book Success Blueprint.
Discounts on Author Nation Membership and Services: Benefit from special discounts on Author Nation membership and various writing, editing, and publishing services for your personal book projects.

Essi Bagheri, Author & Advocate

Essi Bagheri is a survivor in every sense of the word. As a child soldier and refugee, he faced unspeakable horrors that no one should ever have to endure. Essi’s struggles continued as he battled addiction and trauma. Today, he is a recovering addict, author, podcaster, TEDx Speaker, and an advocate for mental health and wellness. Through his own journey of healing and growth, Essi has gained the knowledge and expertise to help others overcome their own challenges and find hope in the darkest of moments.



After struggling with addiction and trauma himself, Essi has emerged as a powerful voice and advocate for mental health, personality development, and transformation. He has authored the book “Shattered Soul” which tells his powerful story of redemption, recovery, and self-forgiveness.


Today, Essi offers public speaking to help others heal from their own trauma and addiction, and find the light in their own darkest moments. If you’re ready to share you story, Essi is here to guide you through.


Melody Owen, Founder of Author Nation

Meet Melody Ann, a compassionate and experienced expert in the field of writing and publishing, whose mission is to empower individuals like you to share their stories and make a lasting impact. With a background enriched by her work at Oxford University Press in the language education arm and her years as a college and university-level instructor, Melody Ann has developed a profound appreciation for the transformative power of words.

Driven by her passion for supporting writers, Melody Ann founded Author Nation in 2016, a platform renowned for its commitment to nurturing early-stage nonfiction authors. Her dedication to creating a supportive and empowering author community earned her a nomination as a community leader by WOW (Women of Worth).
More recently, Author Nation was humbled to be recognized as “Best for Early Stage Nonfiction” by Booklinker, a testament to Melody Ann’s commitment to excellence in guiding aspiring authors on their writing journeys.

If you’re ready to bring your writing aspirations to life, Melody Ann is here to guide you with warmth, expertise, and encouragement. With the Book Success Blueprint as your trusted companion, you’ll transform your words into a meaningful and impactful book that will inspire and connect with readers in a profound way.

Be part of a group of successful authors who are sharing their struggles and successes with the world. Changed people, can change people.