Paid reviews, Are they worth the money?

Pay for a book review | Is it worth it?

You have heard that getting reviews helps to sell your books. That is because excellent reviews help readers make purchasing decisions. That is true. So do critical reviews as they turn readers off. 

The best reviews are those gushing reviews from readers. But what paid book reviews? Where do they fit in?

Who Reads Paid Reviews?

Some professional review companies review your book for a fee and then buyers – booksellers and librarians – use those reviews to make purchasing decisions. Two competing review companies that offer this service are Kirkus Reviews and Foreword Reviews. They charge in the $400 to $500 range, and they do not guarantee a positive review.

What about Editorial Reviews?

Then you have the editorial review companies. They offer reviews you can put in the editorial review section of your sales page, or on the front or back cover of your book, or on a page in your front matter. As an example, Self-Publishing Review offers a couple of options. An Editorial review will cost your $89.00 for 70 words. You can use this on Amazon and on the back of your book. For $239, you can receive a 500 word review and a rating. Plus, they will share it on their social media.

Are paid reviews worth it?

What Review Services are Trustworthy?

Aside from a few professional review options, you can find a multitude of people offering paid reviews. I’d beware. Use well-known review sites if you want a quality review.

I have heard quite a few not-so-great stories that include poorly written reviews, promises of book sales that never happened, and just plain bad reviews posted in public that the author can never remove.

Are Paid Book Reviews Worth it?

Is it worth it? Will it increase sales? It depends.

In my experience, unless you have a plan on how you are going to use the review that just cost you upwards of $500, don’t pay for reviews. Work on getting honest reviews from actual readers who fit your perfect reader profile.

If you have a large book marketing budget, get book marketing support to make those dollars spent worth it. That means combining paid reviews with other book marketing strategies, so your book finds its way into the hands of thousands of your ideal readers.

Book Review Resource

Author Nation has a resource all about book reviews, free and paid. It explains the difference between types of reviews and how you can get reviews that work for you.

Join Author Nation and get the support you need to become a successful nonfiction author.

What has worked for you to get positive reviews? Leave me a comment.

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