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Hi! I'm Melody Ann Owen

As the founder of Author Nation, my aim is to simplify the publishing journey for professionals, guiding them from the inception of their ideas to becoming successful nonfiction authors. I established Author Nation as a response to the complexities of the publishing world, providing a supportive space where professionals can develop their book projects without feeling restricted to one particular path.

Through my work with both traditionally published and self-published authors, I’ve gained valuable insights into the strengths and challenges of each publishing route. My experience spans various aspects of the publishing industry, including book coaching, structural editing, and collaborations with institutions like Oxford University Press.

Education is a passion of mine, and I’ve had the privilege of teaching writing at universities and colleges in different parts of the world. Additionally, as the producer and host of Author Nation Interviews, I enjoy connecting with experts in the nonfiction field and sharing their insights with my community.

Outside of my professional endeavors, I have a love for storytelling, which I’ve explored through literature, marketing, and personal creative projects. In 2019, I wrote and performed a solo show called “The Devil’s Daughter,” tapping into my narrative skills to entertain and engage audiences.

When I’m not working with authors or storytelling, you can often find me enjoying the outdoors or curling up with a good book and my beloved cat.

Melody Ann Owen, Founder of Author Nation

Ready to plan a book that earns best-seller status?

If you are ready to turn your wealth of knowledge into a compelling narrative that captivates readers, grab your copy of the Nonfiction Book Planning Guide.


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