know which podcast is the right fit

Know which podcast is the right fit

So many podcasts, so little time

You might even think you should you go on any podcast to promote your book. But that would be a mistake. You want to find the right podcast for you and your book. Here are some of my tips from the perspective of a producer and host.  

Find your Genius

I have been interviewing people for a long time, first in live events and now on my podcast and YouTube channel. I have interviewed some brilliant people, experts, and authors alike. And I have noticed that some guests do better in interviews than other guests, and it has nothing to do with the genius of their message. We all have genius and to show that genius, we want to set ourselves up for success. And that starts with choosing the right podcasts.

Before you do anything, know what your genius is. The best way to succeed at being a guest is to know what gift you offer the audience.

Then, find the podcast whose audience matches your ideal reader and will benefit from your gift.

First Steps

Start by browsing through podcasts. Look at the descriptions, figure out the audience. Listen to a few episodes. Do you like the host? Do you like the format? Do you think you have something to offer? If yes, then it is time to reach out.

podcast tips for authors

Setting Yourself Up for Success

Here are a few things to keep in mind when requesting a guest spot.

  • Reach out to the producer or host in the way they expect. Check their website for a guest application and instructions.
  • When you request to be a guest, follow the instructions given. Just like you, hosts are busy and are juggling lots of things. Make becoming a guest easy for them. As a host, I want the process to be easy for my guests as well. That is why I have taken the time to create a system that benefits both of us.
  • Know the audience of the podcast before you request to be a guest so you can tailor your message to the audience. The entire show is about the audience, not you or the host. My sole purpose when I interview experts and authors is to give my audience value. That comes before any value my guest, or I, might receive. Why? No value to my audience, no audience.
  • Read what the host sends you. All of it. Even if it is long. The host is sending you the information for the benefit of everyone.
  • Add it to your calendar immediately. You don’t want to miss the show.
  • If it makes sense, suggest talking points or offer questions. In fact, I encourage it. The host doesn’t have to follow your lead, but many hosts appreciate getting some direction in what your genius is so we, as hosts, can make the greatest impact in the interview for our audience. And for you.

Timely and Professional

Provide everything the host asks for in a timely manner. For example, if I have everything by the end of the previous month, I can add it to my monthly newsletter. So, when hosts ask for things early, there is a reason.

Be professional in all your communications, working as part of the team to create the best podcast episode for the audience. Hosts want to help you; make it easy and pleasant.

Author Nation has a podcast kit for authors, that includes a guide, templates for emails, and a podcast tracker. Join to access that and all of our resources. 

Or if you’d like a checklist to help you with many more promotion ideas, download the Author Nation Promotion Checklist.

This is the first in a four part series. Read the next topic: Set yourself up for success! 

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