Insights into the Changing Publishing Landscape

Insights into the Changing Publishing Landscape

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Unlock the secrets to gamifying your author career with USA Today best-selling author Kelly McClimer on Author Nation Interviews—where creativity meets strategy for nonfiction authors.

In this episode of Author Nation Interviews, host Melody Anne explores the concept of gamifying your author career with USA Today best-selling author Kelly McClimer. The discussion covers Kelly’s journey from historical romance fiction to nonfiction, her insights on marketing, and the creation of the Cream game to boost book sales. Kelly shares practical tips on adapting to the changing landscape of the publishing industry and provides a sneak peek into her upcoming nonfiction book, “The Quantumized Career.”

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Guest: Kelly McClymer

Kelly McClymer, a USA Today best-selling author, began her writing journey with historical romance fiction. After transitioning to indie publishing in 2009, she founded Hack Your Muse Coaching in 2018 to assist authors in navigating the writing, production, and marketing processes. Kelly’s upcoming book, “The Quantumized Career,” delves into changes in the workforce and offers insights for adapting to evolving career landscapes.

Kelly McClimer discussing gamifying author careers on Author Nation Interviews.

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Actionable Steps to Gamify Your Author Career

Try a Marketing Sprint

Set a timer for five minutes and brainstorm three engaging marketing posts for your book. Focus on creating content that elicits a lean-in factor, encouraging readers to explore further. Explore other ways to gamify your book promotion efforts.

Create a Cream Game Card

Develop your own Cream game card, inspired by Kelly McClimer’s approach. Identify five marketing activities related to collaboration, readers, events, advertising, and media. Fill in your card with quick and manageable tasks for the week.

Utilize ChatGPT for Feedback Insights

Find your reviews, extract the text, and use ChatGPT to generate insights. Ask for information on readers’ favorite tropes, characters, or any recurring themes. This quick analysis can provide valuable data without the emotional impact of directly reading reviews.

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