How to Successfully Use Book Promotion Sites 

I sat down with Martin Crosbie from BookDoggy to talk about book promotion and how book promo sites like BookDoggy can help authors succeed. Here is a summary of our conversation.

When it comes to getting your book in front of the right audience, book promotion sites like Book Doggy and BookBub are a great place to start.

What are Book Promotion Sites?

Book promotion sites introduce readers to authors and authors to your work. They’re great marketing tools. Authors submit their book (or link to their book), and promotion sites promote it through their newsletter, Facebook, and Instagram pages. Your work gets exposed to their entire subscriber list. 

Are All Book Promotion Sites the Same? 

It pays to do your research because they’re all different. You can promote your books on as many of these sites as you want. Some Book Promo Sites, like Book Doggy, cost as low as $18 to promote your free book. Others like BookBub have a vast reach and are a lot higher priced. 

How Do Promo Sites Help Authors? 

They help match readers to authors to get more eyes on your work. Using a book promotion site gets your book in front of a wider audience. Which means more book sales for you. 

Are Book Promotions Sites for Ebooks Only?

They’re mainly used to promote ebooks. Some link to audio and author videos.

How Do Promo Sites Work?

As an author, you pay to have your book advertised. A Newsletter blast goes out that gets you in front of a book promo’s database of readers. Readers find your book on the search bar where they can search for you by genre.

For each site, check the rules and follow them. For example, BookDoggy lets you advertise your book every 90 days.

Is There A Good Strategy to Use?

There are a few effective strategies to use.

Stacking your ads on a few book promo sites is the way to go. You can promote your books on many sites each day and get your book title in front of more readers daily.

Experimenting with price is another route to take. Promote one price over a few days and see what works best. Try going from free to 0.99 cents. Or free to the retail price and back again. Keep track of which sites work best together too.

Use promo sites to promote your book series. Put book one up for free and get readers excited to buy and purchase the next books in your series. It’s a great way to promote your books over the year too, rotating through the series.

Are Book Promo Sites a Short or Long-Term Strategy?

They can be both. The more product you have, the better. If you have a series, even better! If you have multiple books, you can jump around promoting from book to book to book.

Can Book Promotion Sites Help me Build an Email List?

Yes! As an author you can sign up for Book Funnel or Story Origin. You’ll get your book in a book draw for readers. Promo sites like Book Doggy will link directly to these sites, which helps you build your own email list. You can then use that list to promote your work even further.

Beware though, only a few sites let you do this. Do your research and choose your book promotion sites carefully. 

Start by looking at these book promotion sites
NOTE: Please do your research and choose the book promotion site that works best for you, your genre, and your book.

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