Expert vs thought leader: Which book will you write?

No doubt you have heard someone tell you. Write a book and be an expert. Or maybe even write a book and be a thought leader. Both are possible but they are different. So here is a quiz to help you decide if you are an expert or a thought leader.
If this describes you, congratulations! You are an expert. Next set of questions…

If this describes you, congratulations! You are a thought leader. This gives you a lot of power. Use it well.

Experts write books for potential clients to promote their businesses.
Thought leaders write books for other industry professionals to educate, change, and lead.

Consider this while you are thinking about what book you will write, who you are talking to, and why it matters. We need experts and thought leaders and we need both of them to write books for all the right reasons.

Are you an expert or a thought leader? Knowing what type of book you want to write makes all the difference.

– Keep writing

Melody Ann

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