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Author Nation had the chance to sit down with Sandra Nomoto and talk about how to create a client workbook to boost your business.  She is a content doctor: a writer, content writer, and editor for cruelty free businesses.  Her workbook, The Only Public Relations Guide You’ll Ever Need, is a map that blends new communication methods with responsible and earnest counsel, sourced from public relations and business experts alike.

About the Workbook

This workbook is a comprehensive self-guided book on how to incorporate good public relations into your business, whether you are pre-startup or have run a corporation for decades. It helps you map out your public relations journey. 

Who the Workbook is for

This workbook is all about putting theory into practice. So if you have some ideas and want to understand how to implement them, follow the path the workbook sets out.

What Is The Promise?

The promise is that when you finish your workbook, you will know how to create your FULL public relations plan. 

The Book is Divided in Two Parts

  • The perception of the public of my company
  • Internal public relations

Tips to Create a Workbook

  • Hire a good book coach and let them guide you through the process.
  • Start the marketing process while you’re writing the book and getting it formatted and published.
  • Find new angles for your book when marketing it and think about who to reach out to.
A workbook is a useful marketing tool and a way to share a bit of what you know with your audience, even if they can’t work with you right away. 
You can find The Only Public Relations Guide You’ll Ever Need on Amazon. Or if you would like a signed copy, Sandra Nomoto’s website.
Let me know what you thought of the book in the comments! – Keep writing Melody Ann

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