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Avoid the Bestseller Trap and Turn Your Book Launch into a Springboard for Sustainable Sales and Business Growth.

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Are you tired of pouring your heart and soul into a book launch only to find yourself exhausted and unsure of what comes next?

You’re not alone. Many nonfiction authors face the same challenge: how to make their book launches successful and sustainable in the long run. While hitting the bestseller list may feel like a victory, it often leads to short-lived success and leaves authors scrambling for their next move. 


The real problem? They lack the knowledge and strategy to turn their book launch into the cornerstone of a thriving, long-term sales and marketing plan.

Join our Book Launch Event!

That’s where our Monthly AMA Event comes in. Led by Melody Ann Owen, founder of Author Nation and creator of the Book Success Blueprint, our AMA event offers practical advice and guidance to help authors navigate the complexities of book launches and beyond. We cut through the noise of bestseller campaigns and focus on strategies that deliver real, sustainable results. By participating in our event, authors gain clarity, motivation, and actionable resources to propel their books and businesses forward.

Ask Me Anything about Book Launches!

Join us for an interactive session of questions and answers, where you’ll have the opportunity to get personalized advice tailored to your specific needs. Whether you’re struggling with marketing tactics, seeking clarity on your book’s direction, or looking for ways to integrate your book into your business, our event has you covered. Expect insights, inspiration, and practical tips to take your book launch—and your author journey—to the next level.

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Next Event: April 16th at 10AM PT | 1PM ET