Blending Fiction and Nonfiction

Blending Fiction and Nonfiction

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Discover the art of blending nonfiction with fiction as Melody Ann interviews award-winning author Ethan Gallogly, PhD.

In this episode of Author Nation Interviews, Melody Ann welcomes Ethan Gallogly, PhD, an experienced hiker and author of the award-winning novel “The Trail.” The conversation explores Ethan’s inspiration behind blending his hiking experiences with a fictional narrative, providing insights into the creative process, philosophy, and the importance of authenticity. 
The episode also delves into the collaborative process with mountain illustrator Jeremy Ashcroft and how visual elements enhance the reader’s experience. Ethan shares his advice for nonfiction authors and emphasizes the significance of considering the audience, thorough editing, and proactive marketing. The conversation wraps up with a discussion on the joy of writing and the importance of having fun in the author journey.

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Guest Ethan Gallogly, PhD

Ethan Gallogly, PhD, is a retired college professor and an avid hiker. He has been a leader in various outdoor organizations and is known for his extensive experience on trails, including the John Muir Trail, High Sierra Trail, and Pacific Crest Trail. His award-winning novel, “The Trail,” authentically captures the essence of the John Muir Trail, blending fiction with real knowledge.

Ethan Gallagly, PhD, hiking the inspiration for The Trail

Highlights of Blending Fiction and Nonfiction

Actionable Steps to an Award-winning Book

Audience Consideration:

Quick Action Item: Take a moment to identify your target audience. Consider their preferences, interests, and the specific niche your book caters to.

Why It Matters: Understanding your audience is crucial for tailoring your writing style, content, and marketing strategies to resonate with your readers. This quick action item sets the foundation for a more targeted and effective approach in reaching your audience.

Thorough Editing:

Quick Action Item: Review a small section of your current writing or upcoming book. Focus on eliminating unnecessary words, improving sentence structure, and ensuring clarity.

Why It Matters: Editing is a continuous process that enhances the overall quality of your work. This quick action item helps polish your writing, making it more engaging and professional. Consistent editing contributes to the creation of a polished and well-received final product.

Proactive Marketing:

Quick Action Item: Draft a brief social media post or email introducing your work, highlighting its unique aspects, and encouraging engagement (e.g., asking for feedback or opinions).

Why It Matters: Proactive marketing is essential for building awareness and generating interest in your book. This quick action item takes only a few minutes but contributes to the ongoing promotion of your work, creating opportunities for increased visibility and connection with your audience.

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