10 Reasons Your Book Needs An Editor

If you want to publish a book that people will love to read, you need an editor. Writing a polished and professional book without one is impossible. 

Behind every bestselling book is an outstanding editor. Here are 10 reasons your book needs one:

 1. An Editor Helps You Focus on the Details You Can’t See

Sometimes all you can see are the details, but you can’t see the big picture. Other times, you can see the big picture, but you can’t see the details. A good editor helps you focus on the details that you can’t see yourself. Strengthening your manuscript.

2. An Editor Brings the Reader’s Perspective to Your Book 

You know your material so well that you can’t experience it from a reader’s perspective. It doesn’t matter how hard you try. An editor brings in the reader’s perspective for you. Which makes a much stronger book in the end

3. An Editor Spots Errors You Can no Longer See

You’ve read your manuscript over so many times that you can no longer see the errors. An editor looks at your manuscript with a fresh set of eyes. They catch the errors you can no longer see. 

4. An Editor Cleans Up Your Writing Habits

Like all writers, you have specific writing habits and patterns. An editor will find them and point them out. They’ll also help you fix them. Helping you create a much tighter book in the end.

5. An Editor Brings a Professional Perspective to Your Book

Friends can be great cheerleaders for your book. But, without a professional perspective, you can run into trouble with your book. You need an outsider to give you honest feedback. Someone with the skills and experience to help you create an enjoyable and effective book.  

6. An Editor Helps You Develop Your Entire Project

A good developmental editor helps you with a lot more than getting the right words on the page. They help you organize the front and back materials. And the marketing materials too.  

7. An Editor Helps You Create a Strong Book

Running into problems after you publish your book is a problem. An editor helps you fill in the holes. They help you create a better and stronger book for your readers. And bring you more success in the end. 

8. A Good Editor Helps You Become a Better Writer

An editor helps you spot holes and patterns in your writing. They also help you strengthen your story. You’ll learn from this. Making you a stronger writer. And, the more books you write, the better you’ll be. 

9. The Right Editor Knows Your Market 

A good editor helps you write the right book for the right market. Knowing your market is the key to a book that your readers want to purchase and read. You’ll have more success that way. 

10. Hiring an Editor is The Professional Thing to Do

Honestly, an unedited book is obvious and unprofessional. Treat writing like a craft. Invest in a professional editor to help you create an excellent product that people will want to read.  

Not sure what type of editor to hire? Check out our video on The Four Types of Editing.

– Keep Writing,

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