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Whether you’re an author struggling to extend your books’ demographic or an aspiring nonfiction writer looking to expand their knowledge regarding the craft, Author Nation is where you should be. Let us help you take your book writing skills to the next level. Enable your message to reach the world itself.

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Author Nation is a hub of knowledge regarding everything book writing and more. Get in touch with fellow creative minds as you hone your writing skills with every lesson they may impart. Writing a book, let alone a successful one can be a tough ordeal. We are pleased to support authors like you to reach their full potential.

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To be successful at something is to surround yourself with the right people. Learn from your fellow authors as you go through a series of challenges simultaneously and climb at the very top supporting each other’s backs. Furthermore, enable yourself to have a much more streamlined way forward using the insider’s knowledge from the industry veterans themselves.

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From book coaching and content editing to book launch strategies and even website development, we have it all here for you! We understand that being an author can be difficult, so get all the help you can. We love nothing more than helping you take your next step in your author journey much easier.

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If you prefer to learn the ins and outs of being a successful author by yourself and at your own pace, look no further than our YouTube channel for that. We have several videos at your disposal that tackles relevant topics from when you start your author journey to when you eventually get to the top. Get in the minds of other authors by watching their interviews.

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Author Nation is the go-to resource for becoming a successful nonfiction author, from planning to promotion and everything in between.your go-to place for everything you need to be a successful nonfiction author. Get ready to plan, produce, publish and promote your best book with more ease and success.

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Welcome to Author Nation! The go-to destination for aspiring book authors to unlock the max potential of their writing skills! As our way of better presenting ourselves to the world, we will be giving away several subscription packages to anyone willing to participate. Here is a quick rundown of the giveaway promo we will be rolling out.

The initial giveaway consists of a 3-month subscription to our “Path to Publishing” membership level, from August to October 2022, worth about $45 on top of a 12-week long “Idea to First Draft” email series amounting to about $97 for itself. This 3-month “Idea to First Draft” promo is a weekly email series that details how you can kick start your author journey already into high gear, convey your message more effectively, eliminate writer’s block, and so much more.

Along the way, we will also send you an email containing various free events you may participate in. This includes free Writing in Community and Member Mingle sessions each month. The emails themselves should serve as your official invites for said events.

Those who do not wish to upgrade their free three months of “Path to Publishing” membership following the giveaway will be removed to that particular section of the community. Worry not, though. You will still be considered a part of the Author Nation community, and access to some resources and services will remain.

All in all, we would be giving away approximately $150 worth of resources that every author shouldn’t just let pass by! What do you know? This may just be the thing that gets you over the hump. Mark your calendars now as the giveaway starts this July 15th.